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Bill WiersmaBill Wiersma is the founder and principal of Wiersma and Associates—a management consulting and training firm, marketed under the brand, Better Professionals. Bill is a trusted advisor to executive leadership on senior team development and organizational culture.  A renowned thought leader, Wiersma’s The Power of Professionalism is driving the way people think about professionals and, more importantly, changing the way professionals view themselves.

Prior to founding Wiersma and Associates, Bill was a director in a Fortune 200 and was a board member and president of a privately held technology company focused on emerging markets. Bill’s consulting work includes the Fortune 1000 and professional services sector. In addition, Bill has proven to be a popular speaker at leading universities and professional associations.

Wiersma is the author of two highly acclaimed books—The Big AHA: Breakthroughs in Resolving and Preventing Workplace Conflict and The Power of Professionalism–The Seven Mind-Sets That Drive Performance and Build Trust.

Bill is known as a gifted workshop leader—having trained over 8,000 leaders and individuals in leadership and skill development workshops.  He also has over 12 years of experience in facilitating organizational change initiatives.  Wiersma holds an M.A. in Management and Organizational Development from John F. Kennedy University.

Our Team Members

    PETER WINICKChief Operating Officer

    Peter Winick makes everything at Better Professionals work. He is a maestro of results driven by practical strategy and focused execution. He expertly leverages twenty years’ experience with such clients as IBM, Kraft, Microsoft, Avon, Hyatt and more. Peter works tirelessly to understand our clients’ precise needs, then creates a blended solution that fits like a glove. His seasoned perspective enables us to deliver perfectly selected content in a perfectly selected format, every time.

    BILL SHERMANBetter Professionals Practice Leader

    Bill Sherman leads the Better Professionals consulting, training and organizational change practice are-as. He helps organizations understand their current level of professionalism, then produces lasting impact through strategically-targeted interventions. Bill has guided many of the world’s most recognizable brands through complex organizational change. His past challenges for global brands have included strategic reengineering of people and processes, organizational culture and performance management and system realignment.

The Power of Professionalism

When some Wall Street traders are willing to run the nation’s economy off a cliff to make a killing… When only 17 percent of employees believe that their leaders have their organization’s best interests at heart… When only 18 percent of Americans trust lawyers completely… When the Google search “Has U.S. business lost its way?” yields 159 million hits…

Something is very, very wrong! What’s the solution? In a word: professionalism. Professionalism is unique. It’s the ladder upon which all other organizational virtues rest.

Better professionals (and more of them) are the antidote for much of what ails business today. In the tradition of Bill Wiersma’s demonstrated ability to shift our thinking in new, more powerful ways, be prepared to see what it really means to be a professional.

In this groundbreaking book, Wiersma outlines the seven mind-sets of trusted professionals, offering a blueprint for both individuals and organizations interested in fostering a culture of professionalism.

Leadership guru Jim Kouzes noted, “There hasn’t been a book with this kind of intensity and power in years…maybe decades.” Frances Hesselbein, CEO of the prestigious Leader-to-Leader Institute has predicted that “The Power of Professionalism is destined to be one of our era’s most celebrated books.” Read the sample chapter and see why.

Press and Media Appearances

Bill Wiersma and the Power of Professionalism have been mentioned in the New York Times, Gannett News Service, and Workwise. For more in-depth discussion on professionalism and its organizational impact, visit our contributions to these great journals:

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